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July 12 ท 13 ท 14, 2013

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All Camera College (teaching) programs and Showcase Theater (multimedia entertainment) programs are given three times except where noted.  
Programs are one hour in length.


Pre-Conference Workshops & Portfolio Review
General Interest Prints
Nature Showcase Theater
Digital Feature Presentation
Photo-Travel Special Events
Portraiture Conference Timetable

Digital Competition - ONLINE DEADLINE: July 7 has passed.  Late Fee: $20 to bring images to Conference on July 12.

Pre-Conference Workshops & Portfolio Review Friday, July 12 9am - Noon (a Workshop is $65; a Portfolio Review is $40)
Workshop I: The Creative Odyssey: The Power and Magic of Lightroom - Mary Lindhjem, Mollie Isaacs (VA)
Workshop II: Setting Up and Using a Low Cost Home Studio - Shiv Verma, MNEC (MA)  (Expoimaging) 
Workshop III: Photoshop Elements: Layers and Beyond - Hazel Meredith, MNEC (CT)
Workshop IV: Potent Tool: Photoshop Blend Modes - A. Cemal Ekin (RI)

Workshop V: Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level - Roman Kurywczak (NJ)  (Sigma)
Individual Portfolio Review - William Barnett, MPSA, AFIAP, MNEC; Daniel Charbonnet, FPSA, EPSA, MNEC; Jacob Mosser, FPSA, EPSA, HonNEC; Sarah Musumeci, MNEC

General Interest
Chance, Necessity or Inspiration - the Why's of Composition - David Akoubian (GA)  (Tamron)

Night Over the Northeast - Mark Bowie (MA)
Wide-Angle Magic: The Good, Bad, and Ugly - O. Truman Holtzclaw (CA)
Twelve Steps to Improve Your Digital Photography - Stephen Johnson (CA)  (Canon)
Making the Leap to Digital Video: an Introduction - Vincent Laforet (CA)  (Nikon)
Making Nature Time-Lapse Movies: An Introduction - Joseph LeFevre (NY)
Long Exposure Creativity - Deborah Sandidge (FL)  (Nikon)
Making Exceptional Travel Photographs - David H. Wells (RI)  (Olympus)
From Minor League to the Olympic Games - Ron Wyatt (NJ)

Mighty Macro - Mollie Isaacs (VA), Mary Lindhjem (VA)
Photographing Wildlife - From Portraits to Action - Roman Kurywczak (NJ)  (Sigma)
Light and the Winter Landscape - Jerry Monkman (NH)
Macro Flower Photography: Seeing Inspiration & Creating Intent in Your Photography - Cinde Perdigao (MA)  (Nikon)

Work Faster with Smart Objects & Smart Filters - Dave Cross (FL) (Adobe)

From Lightroom to Photoshop: Best of Both Worlds - Dave Cross (FL)  (Adobe)

Mastering the Composite Image for Fine Art - Jim DiVitale  (Canon)

Color Management for the Rest of Us - Brenda Hipsher  (X-rite Photo)

HDR Imaging - From Capture to Processing - Hazel Meredith, MNEC (CT)

Ten Quick Creative Things in Photoshop Elements - J. Mark Southard, APSA (IL)
Editing, Masking and Selection in Photoshop - Shiv Verma, MNEC (MA)  (Wacom)
Retouch Secrets of the Masters: Portrait Tools Revealed - Janice Wendt (CA)



In Search of Emporers - John Fuller, FPSA, AFIAP, HonNEC (MA)

Location Lighting with Dynalites - Rick Friedman (MA)  (Dynalite)

The Art of Photographing Children from 7 Days to 7 Years - Christina Beth Richardson (RI)


Outputting from Photoshop and Lightroom - A. Cemal Ekin (RI)


Showcase Theater
Favorite Images - Near & Far - Mike Goodman, MNEC (NH)

The World I've Seen - Karl Schanz (MA)


Feature Presentation
A Nomadic Vision - Nevada Wier  (sponsored in part by Canon and Hunt's Photo & Video)

Special Events
Portraits with Children - Christina Richardson (RI)
Welcome Sessions for First-Time Attendees - Antoinette Gombeda, HonNEC (CT)
Camera Club Sparkle - Antoinette Gombeda, HonNEC (CT)
Canon and Nikon Equipment Lending, and Tamron and Sigma Lens Loaning  (Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma)
Camera Testing Clinic - Dave Marsh (CT)  (Precision Camera)
Used Photo Equipment - Pricing and Purchasing  (Hunt's Photo & Video)
Canon Will Print Your Photo 
Tamron Teaching Presentation - How to Improve Your Travel and Landscape Photography: Choosing the Right Lens
- Ken Hubbard (NY)  (Tamron)
Canon Teaching Presentation - Alternative Printing - Barbara Ellison (VA)  (Canon)
Canon Teaching Presentation - Canon Basic Speedlite Course
 - Michael Sheras  (Canon)
Nikon Teaching Presentation - What's New in Nikon - Bob Watts (MA)  (Nikon)
Nikon Teaching Presentation - Using Wireless Off-Camera Flash - Brien Aho (NY)  (Nikon)
Photo Ops – Christine Germaine, MNEC (MA) and Barbara Rozavsky, HonNEC (MA)
Model Photography - Jim Gallagher, MNEC (MA)
Digital Projected Image Competition – Pam Lintner, MNEC (MA)
Print Competition - Art Vaughan, MNEC (MA)
Honors and Scholarship Awards Presentation  (Campus Center Auditorium)
Door Prize Extravaganza – Dennis Goulet, MNEC (MA)  (View the Door Prize List)
Photographic Trade Show - Audrey Weigold, APSA, HonNEC

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